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Germs, Vaccines, and the Rise of Allergy

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Iepriekšpublicētajā rakstā Crafting Immunity: Working Histories of Clinical Immunology, kas pieejams TE, piekto nodaļu - Germs, Vaccines, and the Rise of Allergy sarakstīja - Carla Keirns. 

Īsumā par k-dzi no Stony Brook University lapas - TE:

Carla Keirns, MD, PhD, MSc, FACP

Associate Director for Medical Education
Director of the Program on the History of Medicine
Research Director in Palliative Medicine
Member of the Institutional Ethics Committee

Assistant Professor
Department of Preventive Medicine
Department of Medicine Department of History

Clinical Ethics
History of Medicine
Sociology of Medicine
Health Services Research

Carla Keirns is Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Clinical Ethicist at Stony Brook University. She graduated from Cornell University (BA, Genetics and Development), the University of Pennsylvania (MD, PhD in History & Sociology of Science), and the University of Michigan (MS, Health & Health Care Research); completed a residency in internal medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and a postdoctoral fellowship in health services research at the University of Michigan through the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program.

Carla joined the faculty at Stony Brook University in July 2009 where she contributes to the ethics consultation service at University Hospital, teaches medical humanities and preventive medicine to medical students, and serves as an Attending Physician and Associate Director in Palliative Medicine. She has authored articles and book chapters in clinical ethics, health services research, and history of medicine, with a focus on health disparities, end of life care, chronic disease, epidemiologic transitions and public health ethics. She was co-curator to the National Library of Medicine’s exhibition, “Breath of Life” on the history of asthma and is completing a book, Measured Breath: A Short History of Asthma, for Johns Hopkins University Press.

Among Carla's honors are an Investigator Award in Health Policy from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a Gold Foundation-Harvard Macy Award for Medical Education and fellowships and awards from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIH), the Dewitt Stetten Jr. Museum of Medical Research and the NIH Office of History, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH), the Woodrow Wilson National Foundation (Johnson & Johnson Fellowship), the Benjamin & Mary Siddons Measey Foundation, the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, the Chemical Heritage Foundation, and the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. She has worked in health care settings in the United States, Australia, Mexico and Botswana, and taught public health in Jamaica.

Breath of Life: Asthma in Historical Perspective, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland, Open in Bethesda March 1999 to March 2001, Co-Curator with Dr. Robert Aronowitz, published by NHLBI as a DVD, Online at:

Keirns, Carla C. Measured Breath: A Short History of Asthma, book on the history and sociology of asthma in the United States from 1850s to the 21st century, under contract after peer review, Johns Hopkins University Press

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Matthew DeCamp, Neil J. Farber, Alexia M. Torke, Maura George, Zachary Berger, Carla C. Keirns, Lauris C. Kaldjian, Ethical Challenges for Accountable Care Organizations: A Structured Review. Journal of General Internal Medicine, October 2014; 29(10): 1392-9.

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Book Chapters
Keirns, Carla C. “Allergic Landscapes, Built Environments & Human Health,” in Imperfect Health: The Medicalization of Architecture, Edited by Giovanna Borasi and Mirko Zardini, Montréal: Centre Canadien d’Architecture; Canadian Center for Architecture, Lars Müller Publishers, 2012, pp. 97-115.

Keirns, Carla C. “Miner’s Asthma, Pneumoconiosis and the Politics of Occupational Disease in Coal Country, 1900-1970,” At Work in the World: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on the History of Occupational and Environmental Health, edited by Paul Blanc and Brian Dolan, Berkeley & London: University of California Press and the California Digital Library, 2012, 129-132.

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P.S. Šī publikācija ir daļa no publikāciju sērijas, kas nodemonstrē, ka Alerģijas viens no iemesliem ir Vakcinācija. Diemžēl tas mediķiem netiek mācīts, tāpēc tie neatzīst, ka Vakcinācija ir viens no Alerģijas un Autoimūno saslimšanas iemesliem. Lūdzu iepazīsties ar pārējām publikācijām šajā sērijā, lai gūtu maksimālu sapratni.

1. Sadaļa - Alerģija, kas un kā atklāja:

  • Vakcinācija, kā viens no Alerģijas iemesliem - TE.
  • Serum Sickness, nosaukums, ko lietoja pirms Alerģijas - TE.
  • Allergie, Dr Clemens Frh. von Pirquet 1910 - TE.
  • Nobela Medicīnas laureāts par Vakcīnām - Mēs esam veidoti tā, ka NEKAD nedrīkstam saņemt proteīnus asinīs, kas nav modificēti kunģa un zarna trakta sulās - TE. 

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  • Iespējams, Alerģijas Lāstu var uzvarēt - TE.
  • Mediķi netiek mācīti, ka Vakcinācija izraisa Alerģiju, jeb kāpēc nav "Ideālās Valsts" - TE.
  • Par Lateksa Alerģiju - TE.

3 Sadaļa - Izzudušās zināšanas:

  • Mūsdienu pētījumi un vēsturiski artefakti, kas apstiprina - Vakcīnas izraisa Alerģiju - TE.
  • 100 gadus pēc atklājuma, kārtējais "jaunais" pētījums apstiprina, ka Vakcīnas izraisa Alerģijas - TE.
  • Alerģisks encefalīts termins ko lietoja 1952 gadā un kas ir izzudis šodien - TE.
  • 1953 gada laikraksts saka - teorētiski injekcijas izraisa alerģiju un dod piemēru - TE.
  • 1954 gadā pārbaudot Salka Polio vakcīnu, tika pārbaudīts vai tā neizraisīs alerģiju - TE;
  • Vakcīnu Sastāvs - TE;
  • Netīrās Vakcīnas - TE;
  • The history of the idea of allergy, Spānija - TE;
  • Vēl 1977 gadā ASV dietologi bija informēti, ka injekcijas izraisa alerģiju - TE;
  • Ko rakstīja Padomju Zinātne Latvijā par Vakcināciju izraisītajām Alerģijām. Īssais ieskats turpmākaji publikācijai - TE;

4. Sadaļa - Atklātā vēstule":

  • Atklātā Vēstule Saeimas deputātiem par nepieciešamību izveidot - Parlamentārās Izmeklēšanas Komisiju - TE;

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